Thank You

Thanks to the following people for their support and contributions to my exhibit

Bob Kamp

Leslie Harris

Stephanie Picton

Lisa McCummings

Adam Saurwein

Greg Clark

Amy Moyer

Danielle Bumpers

Tracy Kirincic

Michelle Long

James Svagerko

Mary Ann Merendino

Patricia Forbes

Catherine McCoy

Judy Mackenzie

Ian Sutton

Mary K Walsh

Kendra Coppey

Seryn Potter

Carie Ketz

Nicole Xylouri Osborne

Dan & Danielle Grantham

Tina Esposito

Sasha and Lydia Rau Fazzio

Beverly Pinckney

Lisa Van Eyssen

Margaret Baughman

Vickie Schela

Mena Merendino

Tamara Fannell

Michael Rivette

Mark, Tony and Susan Usberghi

Annie Balocating

Lisa Bauman

Darren Kuhnau

Juliana Van Norden

Kelly Patterson

Barbara Gionti

Ng Rui Ting Amelia

William Gish

Susanna Feder

Garrie Waltzer

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